Card Packaging

Take advantage of the many customizable packaging options for single cards, multipacks, and specialty packaging

Blackhawk &



Flat and Wrap Carriers

Our most popular gift card packaging is the flat and wrap carrier.

Your cards are affixed efficiently, securely, and accurately onto the carriers, and we can accommodate any size or shape of card.


We provide the largest selection of multipack packaging options available.

We offer both Blackhawk and InComm blister packs and Secure Packs, can accommodate bonus cards, unique shapes, and large quantity packs.

Secure Packs

InTech Direct is happy to offer Secure Pack for both single cards and multipacks. InTech Secure Packs can save you money and are better for the environment, too!

  • Seals the card entirely for an extra layer of security
  • A full front panel for bold product design
  • An eco-friendly option with no plastic blister
  • Better cost
  • Thinner profile, which allows more pieces on a display or peg

We also offer traditional blister packs.

Specialty Packaging

InTech Direct has the technology and know-how to tackle projects others cannot, making your vision a reality without compromise.

We’ve added unique gifts and greeting cards to gift card carriers, including personalized toys and candy dispensers, and have affixed them to customized packaging.