Card Personalization

Regardless of what type of project you imagine, we can produce high-volume cards with the best quality

What we bring to the table


Proprietary, high-volume capabilities


Trusted by many major brands


Expertise in barcodes and mag stripes


InTech utilizes patented ThermaJet technology. ThermaJet is a DOD (Drop-on-Demand) personalization process that creates the most accurate, most durable barcodes available for gift cards, membership cards, and more.

Our proprietary printing systems can print on a wide variety of card materials and shapes.


Unlike many other gift card producers, we are not limited to standard card shapes and sizes, which gives you the freedom to get creative.

We use a combination of technology and skills to encode and personalize specialty cards of varying shapes, thicknesses, and materials, which means your cards can be shaped like characters, can be printed onto metal coins, or even play music.


InTech excels at high speed, ISO-quality encoding. We can encode a wide variety of card types, including HiCo, LoCo, 1-3 tracks, CR80's, snap off cards, key tags, and more.

Our patented IVP quality control verifies that every card will work every time.

Do you have a project in mind or just exploring your options?