Gift Card Programs

Delivering high volumes of innovative and high-quality gift cards.

B2B Bulk Fulfillment

With InTech's Auto-Replenish fulfillment program, stores will never run out of cards.

Usage is analyzed daily, or weekly and cards are auto-replenished as needed. Other cards that are close to their reorder points are also fulfilled at the same time to avoid additional shipping charges, which saves you money. We also offer a customer-driven, push store distribution fulfillment service that keeps you in direct control of your store's card inventory.

Manage precisely how many cards each store will receive, and we ship the same business day.


Whether you have a single direct-to-consumer promotion or a daily and ongoing program, InTech Direct can meet your B2C needs from imaging to mailing.

We offer flexible gift card focused letter designs because we believe that a gift cards should be a fun thing to get in the mail. Let your marketing flare leave a lasting impression!

Do you have a project in mind or just exploring your options?